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Our company is a personal venture,which was established in 1992 and located at the downtown of TaiZhou with convenient traffics. 

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Cotton Balls

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∷Cotton Ball

Cotton ball is designed for a variety of uses throughout the hospital. 100% cotton,soft and absorbent. Available in non-sterile packaging as well as sterile packaging







1、Super softness and patient comfort.                                                          
2、High absorbency, low lint.
3、Quick absorbent capability.                                                                         
4、Available in various sizes.



Cotton ball is designed to clean or cover minor wounds, absorb light exudate or cover minor wounds.

It is can be used for absorption during surgical operation after sterilize.



REF NO. Spec. Packaging
402 001 0.2g 450g/pack, 10pks/case
402 002 0.3g 450g/pack, 10pks/case
402 003 0.4g 450g/pack, 10pks/case
402 004 0.5g 450g/pack, 10pks/case
402 005 0.6g 450g/pack, 10pks/case
402 006 0.8g 450g/pack, 10pks/case
402 007 1g 450g/pack, 10pks/case
402 008 1.4g 450g/pack, 10pks/case
402 009 2g 450g/pack, 10pks/case
Sterile in 5'S, in single blister 
REF NO. Spec. Packaging
402 011 0.5g 5pcs/pack, 30pks/box, 20boxes/case
402 012 0.8g 5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 10boxes/case
402 014 1g 5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 10boxes/case
402 015 2g 5pcs/pack, 10pks/box, 10boxes/case
Sterile in 10'S, in single blister 
REF NO. Spec. Packaging
402 017 0.5g 10pcs/pack, 30pks/box, 10boxes/case
402 018 0.8g 10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 5boxes/case
402 019 1g 10pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 5boxes/case
402 020 2g 10pcs/pack, 10pks/box, 5boxes/case


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